In South Africa, the vision of Education and Training Department is to empower unskilled people and introduce these people into work force. In that respect “Crane International Academy’’ was established to help in this task. The institute established its main campus in Witbank and earned a solid reputation. We have grown in leaps and bounds since then to open campuses in Durban, Burgersfort and Middelburg. We will soon be establishing new campuses in Pretoria and Polokwane. We have also established a vibrant E-Learning Platform that complements the traditional brick and mortar classroom.

Our Vision

We at Crane international Academy strive to be the leading, Education and Training Institute in Science & Technology, Corporate, Business and health care Services of high quality and international standards relevant to socioeconomic challenges of Africa.

Our Mission

Crane International Academy Promotes Excellence, Quality, Integrity, Personal growth and overall competence within the educational sector.

Our Slogan

“Success is in perfection and Education is a mission of discovering a hidden treasure”

Our Objectives

  • To effectively contribute to socioeconomic development programmes of both public and private sectors
  • Qualifications and skills programmes serve the lifelong and demanding educational needs of the community.
  • Our programmes complement and add value to traditional classroom education